Greats of Ocean Conservation Mrk I.

5'10" single fly, swallow tail, twin fin with hand made wooden and fibreglass fins.
Featuring hand drawn original art work by Fern Levack detailing the greats of Ocean conservation.

• Jacques Cousteau - Ocean Conservationist.
" we are all in the same boat....we must salvage mother nature".

• Captain Paul Watson - Founder of Sea Shepard organisation in 1977.
"i am honoured to serve the whales, dolphins and sharks...if they flourish and survive I will be forever happy!".

• John Kelly - Hawaiian Surf Activist.
Founded in 1961, grass roots activists, SOS has saved over 100 Hawaiian surf breaks from destruction by developers.

• Dr Bob Brown - Founder of Australian Greens party in 1972 and the Wilderness Society in 1978.

• Charles Darwin - Author of The Origin of the Species.
"the world was NOT built in seven days".

• Eugenie Clark - Shark Lady.
"education is the best form of conservation....sharks deserve our understanding and respect.

Custom made to order for $450.

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