Model 21- Jake's skeleton V.5

I believe I read a post by Neal Purchase JR where he said 'he didn't make a good board until until he had made 20'. I don't know if thats true but I can say for sure board number 21 is my best effort yet.

I've have essentially made 20 versions of the same board, inspired loosely by a 1978 Bob Mctavish SKY tin fin. Each time trying to learn a little bit more about the craft of surfboard making and a little bit more about surfboard design through trial and error.

Specific differences, learning and improvements to this board include, a lighter glass job - learning how to pull me resin out of the glass to end up with less weight. From an improved surfing / performance perspective, I've gone with a rounded pin tail. Perhaps the slight addition to the lift in the tail helps, but the smooth transition in the turns can most definitely be felt.

Jake and I had already worked out what art we wanted to do!

 After surfing the Greg Melieush rounded pin tail twin fin I was blown away by the smooth transitions out of turns delivered by the rounded pin tail.

So I thought it was time to try it out for myself.

In simon Anderson's book 'Thrust' he credits a number of people as being the father of the twin fin.
One off those put a small half circle rear fin on a twin fin to smooth out the twitchy nature of the twin. Simon's mind immediately jumped to the idea of the thruster, 3 fins of equal size.

But I think he may have jumped too soon. Twin fins are fun - but they can possibly be improved with the little

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